Frequently asked questions!


Where are you from and who can you provide at home classes to?

I am from the beautiful Torrance California! I provide at home classes to people in the South Bay Area (PV, Torrance, Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan, etc). Let me know where you live and I can come to you or we can have class over zoom!

When is the best time to take your class?

The best recommended time is 27-36 weeks gestation. If you are past 36 weeks, that's okay too!

What are some of the topics you go over?

Major topics include..
-Stages of Labor
-Reasons to Come to the Hospital
-What to Expect at the Hospital
-Variations in Labor (Meds, assisted deliveries, inductions, cesareans)
-Pain Management
-Delivery and Post Delivery Period
-Role of the Support Person and More!

Class includes videos, fun hands on activities, and educational handouts.

What do we do if we cannot have the class at our house?

That is no problem at all! I have an office space in Redondo Beach where I host class. Zoom is also another option.

How can we prepare for class?

Let me handle it all! The class comes with all the material you need.

Do you recommend taking the class if we are trying to have an all natural non medicated vaginal delivery?

Yes, yes, and yes! This is especially for you! I will teach you how to navigate your natural birth plan while also being in the safety of the hospital setting. I'm going to teach you and your partner how to advocate for yourself and your birth plan, so that you can get as close as you can to your dream delivery.

Do you offer group classes?

The large majority of clients taking my class want the private atmosphere. Although, if you have a friend or family member who is also pregnant and interested in my class, I can teach you all in a group.
However, let me know if you are interested in a group class and I can try and get you in a class with other clients.

Would you recommend your class for my spouse?

Definitely! Im here to teach your support person how to be a SUPPORT person. They have a huge role in your delivery, and I want them to be excited too!