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Andrea Keating / Labor and Delivery R.N.

I have a passion for preparing expecting couples for their labor experience. I've been a part of hundreds of hospital deliveries, and after seeing so many women caught off guard and overwhelmed during labor, I knew I needed to start a class. I will walk you through the realities of what labor could look like, so you can go into your last weeks of pregnancy feeling ready and mentally prepared for any given situation! I will teach you how to set yourself up for your perfect birth plan.

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Get to know me!

What is your favorite part about a delivery?

The Golden Hour!!

I love seeing parents get to spend their first moments together with their baby! This time is so sweet and tender, it almost makes me cry every time!

Where are you from and what are your fav things to do?

I grew up in the South Bay, got my nursing degree in Arizona, and have been living in Redondo Beach ever since! I love riding E-bikes with my hubby, and paddle boarding! You can find me on my free days at the beach!

What is your favorite restaurant in the South Bay?

I absolutely LOVE The Original House of Pancakes! My husband and I both get the chocolate chip pancakes, with a side of strawberries, so good!!